Khaleeji Abaya vs Abayabuth vs House of Jilbab – Which Is the Best Modest Clothing Website?

With the rise of modest fashion and the increasing number of Muslim women in the West adopting Islamic dress, the number of Islamic clothing websites has sharply increased.

But which is the best modest clothing website? This all depends on your personal preferences, needs and budget.

This article will help to break down some key aspects of what to look for when shopping for modest clothing online such as abayas, jilbab and khimar, and help you to make informed decisions.

Is All Islamic Clothing the Same?

The basic element of Islamic women’s clothing is modesty. According to Islam, the outer clothing such fulfil the criteria of covering the whole body, being loose-fitting, not transparent, and not purposefully drawing attention to oneself. Look for these key elements when buying Islamic clothing online and don’t always focus on too much on a sleek website.

Key Points to Look Out For

If price is your main concern, like many of us, you will look for the cheapest abaya or jilbab. But many “cheap” products are made from inferior fabric that will either tear or bobble after a few washes. Look for high quality fabrics like nidha – the most superior fabric for abayas. Wool peach is another commonly used and superior quality fabric that is mostly used for jilbab due to it being lightweight.

Stay away from jersey fabric and fabrics listed as “polyester”- these are inferior fabrics that are cheap to source but will start to deuterate after a few wears/washes. Jersey fabric also clings to the body so is not suitable for modest clothing such as abayas and jilbab.

Don’t Forget to Check Delivery / Returns Info

Customers sometimes forget that delivery charges are added onto the price of the abaya, so make sure to check any delivery charges.

Our research has highlighted that many abaya websites do not give an upfront delivery price – they force the customer to provide their details and complete checkout to view the delivery charge.

Customers also get caught out on the returns policy. Our research found that at many abaya websites only offer exchanges on discounted products, not a full refund. This policy does not comply with UK distance selling regulations which states that companies must offer customers a refund on all goods purchased online, whether they were discounted or not.

Why Khaleeji Abaya?

Khaleeji Abaya has been selling both abayas and jilbab for over 12 years (since 2011). Our ethos is Islamic fashion without compromising on our Islamic values. Therefore, we do not display faces and other parts of the women’s awrah on our images, due to the Islamic ruling that states capturing images of living creatures is forbidden is Islam. 

Khaleeji Abaya helped to introduce the UK market to the “French” jilbab, which was then a niche product but has now become hugely popular with younger Muslimahs in particular.  

We offer Free Delivery on orders over £80, and our standard delivery charge is the actual postage we pay- we do not make a profit on postage. We comply fully with UK law on Distance Selling and Online Selling and as a family-run business, we have the time to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction.

Umm Abdullah
Umm Abdullah

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