What is the Best Fabric for an Abaya?

When designing or curating our abayas and jilbab, at KhaleejiAbaya.com we put a lot of thought into the fabric used to ensure durability, comfort and elegance.

Out of the many fabrics used for abayas, we have decided to use the premium fabric known as “nidha” for our abaya collection.

Nidha is widely considered to be the best quality fabric in terms of durability and elegance so it is the natural choice for a luxury abaya brand.

What is Nidha?

Made from 100% polyester, nidha fabric is a soft and lightweight material that’s incredibly comfortable to wear, easy to care for and durable. It does not crease easily and is quick-drying. Nidha has moisture-wick properties, meaning it draw moisture to the outer surface of the fabric – making it a much-loved fabric in warmer climates.

This lightweight, floaty fabric has a slight sheen to it and is versatile when designing a variety of garments – from open and closed abayas to all-in-one jilbabs.

Nidha fabric comes in different grades- we have labelled them as standard and premium grade on our abayas. Standard grade nidha is slightly more lightweight and has less thread-count that premium nidha but is still a fantastic luxury fabric. In fact, many abaya stores use only standard-grade nidha on their abayas.

Wool Peach Fabric

Some of our jilbab are made from nidha, but we have found that the soft wool peach fabric is more suited to fabric-heavy garments like jilbab and khimar.

Wool peach is a very soft, wrinkle free and flowy fabric, has no sheen. It is another versatile and easy-care fabric and comes in a variety of colours.

Wool peach is the perfect choice for jilbab because it is lightweight and non-silky so can be worn all day on the head without feeling heavy or moving around. It is also incredibly cool and comfortable. The fabric is slightly opaque in bright light, but our jilbab are made from lots of fabric so this should not be an issue in terms of modesty.  


Caviary is another luxury fabric that we use on our jilbab. It is very similar to wool peach but is slightly more heavy-weight with a higher thread-count, meaning it is less transparent than wool peach. It is another durable and comfortable fabric that is commonly available in black.

Final Thoughts

We do not compromise on the quality of our fabrics and carefully select the fabric for each piece with your comfort and durability in mind. Explore our full modest fashion collection online now and let us know what you think about our fabrics.


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